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Scaffold Banners & Decorative Screening Ideas

Installing a simple scaffolding banner with eye catching graphics to carry your commercial message sends out a clear message that stands out and cuts through the surrounding clutter from day one of any renovation project. And in most cases there is no requirement for local authority planning consent.

Scaffold advertising banners and decorative scaffold covers applied to site hoardings deliver results. Look around you - this is why many UK companies invest in long term commercial scaffolding banner locations as part of their overall media strategy. Realise the potential of your scaffold frame and hoardings and add value to them by using a scaffold advertising banner with your own commercial messages.

What are scaffolding banners?

A scaffold banner appears on the outside of a construction or building site and can be used as an advertising or message board. Scaffold screening may also be used during a shop revamp or other building construction or renovation projects. Hoardings serve more than a single purpose - scaffold banners may increase the aesthetics of a building site so that passers-by do not have to see the work behind the scenes, and at the same time, marketing or advertising messages may be placed.

Quality materials and a range of installation options

Embrace will never economise on the print or production of your scaffold banners, or cut corners when it comes to the scaffolding advertising banner installation. We use the best grade of inks, finish, substrate, eyelets and Keider edges to ensure great looking display and longevity of the scaffolding banners.

As one of the leading building wrap printers, Embrace provide a wide choice of scaffolding wrap print and install options to meet your needs. Our capabilities include direct to façade, direct to scaffold, direct to windows with solid vinyl or contra vision, temporary frame and permanent systems.

Embrace have the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates from PVC to DiBond. When delivering printed site hoardings we are able to use DiBond, Foamex and Corex or apply cut out vinyl hoarding graphics applied directly to painted plywood panels.

We always put corporate responsibility and sustainability at the heart of every scaffold wrap project that we manage. Our removal service ensures the environmentally responsible disposal & recycling of all the PVC we use. We can also produce scaffold banners using BIOFlex if required, which is a printed vinyl wrap that is biodegradable.

Dont worry, the costs are under control

We offer a full range of scaffolding screening installation options at fair, well-managed prices. There is nothing worse than commencing any project and then seeing unexpected costs start to creep in. Rest assured that is never going to happen with Embrace. We will always provide a full quote once we have completed the site survey for the design work, printing and the managed installation of your scaffold banner. We guarantee that this will be the final price that you will pay, unless you need to change the creative mid-project for any reason. That’s it, no nasty surprises.

Find out how we can assist with your project today - call 0845 258 5558 or contact us.

Take a look at the scaffold banner project at Albermarle Street