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Printed Graphics to Site Hoardings

You can make effective use of building site hoardings during construction or renovation work by featuring your brand identity or marketing messages. Advertising hoardings will get your development noticed and create a buzz, as well as allowing you to showcase the opportunity behind the screen 24/7 before, during and leading up to the launch.

Whilst other advertising hoarding companies may claim to offer printed site hoardings, here are Embrace Media we offer a full project management service, from designing the printed site hoarding graphics, through to print and installation. Of course we also manage the removal and responsible disposal too.

Advertising Hoarding for Scaffolding

Printed scaffold hoardings can be used as advertising or message boards that appear on the outside of a construction or building site. Great-looking and creative printed scaffold hoarding designs are well received and can create a positive buzz around your project. Hoardings may also be used during a shop revamp or other building projects and can serve many purposes. Hoardings may increase the aesthetics of a building site so that passers-by do not have to see the work behind the scenes, and at the same time, marketing or advertising messages may be placed.

What materials do Embrace Building Wraps use?

Using the best materials will mean that the hoardings work hard for you and keep the site looking clean and tidy whilst reinforcing your message as a considerate and professional contractor.

As leading professionals in the field we provide all of the material options you could wish for, and are on hand to provide expert advice to meet your needs.

We offer printed site & scaffold hoarding direct to Dibond, Foamex, Corex and Plywood panels at a variety of thickness and can apply anti-graffiti or laminates to keep your creative safe from the local “artists”!

We want your printed scaffold hoarding to look as breath-taking at the end of the project as it does on day one. We only use materials of the highest quality and, to put it simply, we refuse to cut corners. All elements of your advertising hoarding - such as the inks used, finishes applied and substrate material utilized – will be selected to meet your brief exactly and be good for the life of the project.

Environmental considerations

The local community will benefit from a more attractive environment whilst the works are taking place with the area remaining bright and vibrant and any unwanted mess or disruption being beautifully concealed.

Embrace can also supply a range of recycled external hoardings systems that are made of recycled plastic. Vinyl graphics can be placed over the hoardings which allow the hoardings to be used again and again at other locations after the project is complete, whilst the hoarding graphics will be removed and sent for recycling.

Not only are there environment benefits, in terms of noise pollution the boards can also absorb up to 25 decibels of sound which helps maintain the surrounding environment with less noise from your site and will keep your neighbours and passers-by happy.

If you would like to find out more about how printed site hoarding can benefit your business simply contact us or call 0845 258 5558.

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